The Impact of a Great Leader

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  Every day each of us is a catalyst for change!  What that change looks like will depend largely on how we are honoring our unique qualities.  Standing in our integrity and accountability will enhance our efforts and impact everything around us.  It is at this exact moment that we begin to understand what our gifts are all about. When … Read More

“I never hate…I never hate. Hatred only brings hatred!” – Alice Herz Sommer

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I just completed viewing the documentary, “The Lady in Number 6,” a remarkable story of the oldest survivor of the holocaust, Alice Herz Summer, who at the time of the documentary is 109 years old. This is a must watch. My awareness of this film came from listening to a podcast by Tim Ferriss, prolific author of “The Four Hour … Read More

Be Not Complacent

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Do not be complacent with the technology of your work. We all have technology that we use everyday. It is part of our lives and it should never replace the human experience. To be complacent, uninformed, and not embrace the technology we choose and must use in our profession, in our business, is to be complacent about our income, our … Read More

Be Patiently Persistent & Do What You Can: Get Unstuck Principle No. 4

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Our greatest teachers are the people closest to us. When we are stuck, it is a time to persistently remember who we are, and believe that we are being led from within to the eventual goal we desire most. When I remember to be persistently patient, I get the most profound awareness. Today I received the greatest, most wonderful testimonial … Read More