Be Not Complacent

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Do not be complacent with the technology of your work. We all have technology that we use everyday. It is part of our lives and it should never replace the human experience. To be complacent, uninformed, and not embrace the technology we choose and must use in our profession, in our business, is to be complacent about our income, our … Read More

Let Go & Live! Get Unstuck Principle No. 5

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Last night I had an experience that was really powerful in understanding myself and the process of letting go. You see, my series of posts, the “Get Unstuck Principles,” are all based on personal experience. I am writing from my own life’s experiences as I do in leading my clients. I want to have integrity with you, my reader, by … Read More

Be Patiently Persistent & Do What You Can: Get Unstuck Principle No. 4

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Our greatest teachers are the people closest to us. When we are stuck, it is a time to persistently remember who we are, and believe that we are being led from within to the eventual goal we desire most. When I remember to be persistently patient, I get the most profound awareness. Today I received the greatest, most wonderful testimonial … Read More

Make Resistance Futile: Get Unstuck Principle No. 3

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I had a revelation this morning. Not so unusual for me, or anyone else enjoying their first cup of coffee in the morning. This morning is quite different, because it is changing my whole mindset about the subject of being stuck. Auspicious for me, because I am creating a consulting/coaching program for my clients on this subject, and this revelation … Read More

Find Your Passion: Get Unstuck Principle No. 2

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Passion is the energy that moves us through the most difficult of times. Passion is the force that attracts people to us for leadership and direction. It was almost a decade ago, and like many of my colleagues in the consulting arena, I was faced with losing contracts due to the economic slowdown. My situation got to the point where … Read More