It Is Your Right and Privilege to Dream

Benjamin WechslerGet Unstuck, Ideation, Leadership, Thought Leadership


A Note to My Self and To All Visionaries

It is your right and privilege to dream. No one can take your dreams from you. Your dreams are your truth, your life, and your experience.

As a visionary, your life’s passion is to make dreams reality. It is your right and privilege to make it so, for no one else can do it for you.

Visionaries are renegades. Your path is lonely, fulfilling and life giving to all who touch your world.

With your dream comes responsibility, integrity. Without integrity you are nothing but a fakir. Being true to your vision is life giving, nourishing.

If you lost your vision. If you do not know how to express your dream, first go home. Home is where it all began. Stand, literally stand, in the physical place that is home to your dream and feel its presence. Again. Stay there and breathe in its power, its focus, and its birth. Again.

If you dream of harmonizing the world, find a piano to tune. Listen to a symphony orchestra play Beethoven or Mozart. Experience the music of the spheres.

If your dream is to stand up for your community, your service to your country, be a voice of your age, then do it grandly on the biggest platform possible. Do not hold back and speak truth.

If your dream is to build products that change how people live, how they interact with each other, then be extraordinary to your family and friends. Live the passion of empowering those you love and you will change the world with your products.

If you are a teacher, then inspire yourself in your own learning. Find new areas to explore. Learn a new language. It is only through learning how to learn that one learns how to teach. And,,,there is no greater gift than that of teaching.

If you dream, then you are a gift to this world. It is through your dreams that your Creator expresses in this world. Never hold back in acting upon what you dream.

As I heard in a Sunday morning sermon: “God can’t use what you aren’t but can use what you are.”