Find Your Passion: Get Unstuck Principle No. 2

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Passion is the energy that moves us through the most difficult of times. Passion is the force that attracts people to us for leadership and direction.

It was almost a decade ago, and like many of my colleagues in the consulting arena, I was faced with losing contracts due to the economic slowdown. My situation got to the point where I was facing losing everything. I’ll never forget the one day when I sat down and the truth was in front of me – I was losing all I had – all I worked for.

I went through each of my possessions and asked myself “Am I willing to let go of … in order to survive this economy and move on?”

I started listing things. My home, my piano, my television, and so on. And, what I was surprised to learn was that I could face letting go of most of my possessions. Until I got to my French horn. It was my father’s horn, and I inherited it after he died when I was nine. He was a professional hornist, and I now was asking myself if I could let it go. Within seconds of looking at it I started sobbing. I found myself completely lost in the deepest agony of sadness I ever experienced.

I could not let that horn go. I couldn’t even conceive of a life without it. It was my father’s memory. It was my legacy. I was supposed to have it and use it. That marvelous instrument was a part of me!

Then, suddenly, the world stopped.

The most profound quiet hit me.

No more sobbing.

No sound.



The truth revealed itself to me. I was finally open to see the truth: music was my passion. I could not and do not want to live my life without music. I love creating it, performing it, hearing live performances.

My life changed at that point.

Today, as I work with clients, I spend a lot of time leading them to bring what they are passionate about into their lives. In brainstorming sessions, we discover ways to feature their passion as a service offering in the context of their businesses.

Here are some actual examples:

  • Wanting to create a bridge of communication between the world’s religions, a client is now broadcasting dialogues with well-known religious leaders to worldwide audiences
  • With a passion to share the freedom of movement with those who do not have the use of their legs, a client is offering sidecar motor cycle tours of the city
  • Desiring to compete in extreme physical competitions, a client created the only training facility in the Midwest offering strongman, powerlifting, and American Ninja Warrior obstacles


Here are ways to use passion to move forward in your life:

  1. Find Your Passion. Define it by getting to the core of who you are. I had to go through a difficult painful process; you do not. Simply ask the question, “What is it that I cannot truly live without?” Brainstorm with a family member or friend you trust.
  2. Nurture Your Passion Daily. You have to do something everyday that uses your passion, if for only ten minutes.
  3. Incorporate Your Passion Into Your Business or Career. There are many ways to do this. Create new service offerings around your passion. Bring your passion into advertising, blog about what you love and relate it metaphorically to your work.

This is Get Unstuck Principle No. 2 – Find Your Passion.

I will be soon offering a new coaching program titled, Get Unstuck. Stay tuned for more information.







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