Change Your Body, Change Your Life: Getting Unstuck Principle No. 1

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One moment I was on the train to my doctor’s office because I had intestinal problems for a week and I wanted something to make it better. The next moment I was admitted to the hospital diagnosed as having an abscess on my intestine the size of a quarter that would need to be drained. “I don’t need this,” I told myself. “I need to get back to my life and make things happen.” I was forced to stop my life and examine it.

I was stuck.

  • I was stuck in the vicious circle of trying to make things happen for me.
  • I was not happy.
  • I was angry because it was not happening for me like everyone else.
  • I was not sleeping, constantly replaying in my mind what I was not doing.
  • I did not want to do anything, in spite of my desire to do something else.

Before that hospital stay, my cholesterol got to its highest level of 290, and my doctor was more and more adamant that I get back onto Lipitor. I was refusing because I wanted to maintain my cholesterol without drugs. I was losing the argument big time. On top of that I was the heaviest I had ever weighed, 239 pounds.

That was three years ago.

Today, I am healthier, stronger. My cholesterol level has not been over 190 since, and I am now at 180 pounds. I am not using any maintenance drugs, and my doctor is now supporting my health and wellness plan. These levels have been maintained for the past two years. I am 57 years old, and can dead lift 275 pounds, press 115, and squat 245 with two herniated discs! But the most important thing is I now have rediscovered my passion for music in a way that I have not had for a long time. A musician all my life, I am now finding I can compose music and am thrilled. My friends and colleagues and clients are constantly recognizing my changes. I am stronger, both physically, emotionally, and professionally.

If you want to change your life, if you are feeling stuck in your life, change your body.

In a few days, I will be releasing my Get Unstuck program, where I will teach how to move through the challenges and resistances we all experience when needing change in our lives. This program can be applied to one’s life, one’s business, even branding and marketing strategy.

But today, I am offering you these tips for creating a change in your life.

  1. Find an exercise program that excites you, regardless of what it is. Be sure it encompasses your whole body. Try rowing, strongman training, martial arts.
  2. Seek a professional to train and guide you. This is extremely important. You cannot do this alone. Find someone who has learned the hard way – self-taught – and can demonstrate success. Be sure his or her experience includes knowledge of nutrition as well.
  3. Change how you eat. I chose paleo nutrition because my research showed me that it works. My numbers prove it. My trainer supported me and taught me.
  4. Choose a gym/place that has a community of support. I joined the Golden Age Strength Club in Lombard, Illinois, because it’s owner, Nate Aye, is the best in the area in his knowledge, but also because he has masterfully created a community that supports each other no matter their experience level. They cheer me on lifting my weakest lifts as if I were doing five times the weight.
  5. Become obsessed. I focussed on a cholesterol number. In the process, I found that I love my sport. I have not missed a workout without a work conflict. When I do I feel as though I missed something important. You deserve to be healthy. Put photos and video of your workouts on Facebook.

This is some of the most valuable advice I can give any person I know.

In a few days, I will post Getting Unstuck Principle No. 2 – Find Your Passion



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