Success Model for 2015

Benjamin WechslerBrainstorming, Creative Problem Solving, Ideation, Motivational

2015 Success.001

This is my first attempt at creating a graphic of what lurks in the far right side of my brain.

For 2015 I am committing to keeping things simple. Find what works, and repeat it. At times I may refine it or expand on it, but keeping the inherent properties of success intact. Because I know how I think and what motivates me, I will use technology and creative means to keep me focussed and on task. The goal is for it to be “memorable” rather than successful. This keeps my inner need for validation in check. If I am not looking for success, but instead what I consider memorable – I will win the inner game!

I will attempt what I call the outrageous as well, keeping the project down to manageable series of memorable successes.

What do you think?