“You have unique knowledge. That knowledge which is unique to you, and your experience, which only you possess, combined with my strategic creativity processes will begin to change your world. You will find new energy. Your passion will pervade you. Others will seek you out for guidance. But…you must be aware of your uniqueness and that is what makes my work different…awareness.”

Benjamin Wechsler is a gifted leadership development and strategy consultant for professionals who want to transform their organizations and careers.

Through a uniquely personalized set of processes, participants
    • discover their unique knowledge,
    • how to leverage that knowledge and experience,
    • put it all together with a global strategy.

The result is a renewed, passion filled life.

Professional interests begin to thrive as the fire of your new leadership grows.
Your integrity and accountability pervade your organization and network.
You are more valuable, your organization is more valuable, and the change is viral.

Lead With Passion Instead of Following It!

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“When Ben Wechsler approached me to make a presentation to the entrepreneurs that use our coworking space I could sense his passion for his subject, but I remained a little skeptical that it would have appeal to our group. As it turned out, Ben did an outstanding job of joining the soft skills of leadership with the technology skills necessary to create an online presence. This proved to be a very popular workshop series. It had a big impact on attendance and on the actual learning for our members. Ben teaches people how to first build a foundation of knowledge to support the online web presence that they wish to create.”





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