“You have unique knowledge. That knowledge which is unique to you, and your experience, which only you possess, combined with my strategic creativity processes will begin to change your world. You will find new energy. Your passion will pervade you. Others will seek you out for guidance. But…you must be aware of your uniqueness and that is what makes my work different…awareness.”

Benjamin Wechsler is a gifted leadership development and strategy consultant for professionals who want to transform their organizations and careers.

Through a uniquely personalized set of processes, participants
    • discover their unique knowledge,
    • how to leverage that knowledge and experience,
    • put it all together with a global strategy.

The result is a renewed, passion filled life.

Professional interests begin to thrive as the fire of your new leadership grows.
Your integrity and accountability pervade your organization and network.
You are more valuable, your organization is more valuable, and the change is viral.

Lead With Passion Instead of Following It!

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Events & Appearances

Guest Speaker, NaperLaunch Meetup:

Personal Branding for Your Leadership

1/7/2016 8:00 – 9:30 AM
Each person has unique experiences and knowledge that create success. In a four part series, Benjamin Wechsler will provide instruction on how to bring value to an organization using and mastering personal technology. In this first presentation, the concept of using technology to broadcast unique knowledge will be introduced. Learn how Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn, combined with WordPress can establish recognized leadership. Whether you use this information to broadcast yourself or not, the information presented will bring you to a new level of understanding how to use your personal technology more masterfully.
Nichols Library
200 W. Jefferson Ave.
Naperville IL 60564

Guest Speaker, NaperLaunch Meetup:

Your Personal Brand

1/14/2016 8:00 – 9:30 AM
As the leader of a startup, an entrepreneur has unique knowledge that sets that leader apart from others. In this meetup attendees will explore the “why” behind what you do and discover how to build an independent reputation that brings value to your organization, just because you are associated with it. You will be seen as a thought leader within your special niche. Learn how to create a brand that will follow you.
Nichols Library
200 W. Jefferson Ave.
Naperville IL 60564

Guest Speaker, NaperLaunch Meetup:

Social Media as a Branding Foundation

1/28/2016 8:00 – 9:30 AM
Learn the power of social media tools Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn in broadcasting your brand to specific niches and audiences. Ben Wechsler will demonstrate how an article can be made viral in a few simple strategic steps. Learn how to build a large interested niche audience in just a few days. This “how to” presentation demonstrates how to build a technological foundation for personal branding.
Nichols Library
200 W. Jefferson Ave.
Naperville IL 60564

Guest Speaker, NaperLaunch Meetup:

Creating a Web Presence

2/4/2016 8:00 – 9:30 AM
Ben Wechsler will identify the technical steps to establishing a web presence, including how to procure a “vanity” domain name and web hosting. Learn how to use WordPress to broadcast unique knowledge and how to make it viral. Observe how to develop a reputation as a thought leader in a knowledge niche. Your organization will have more value because you will be identified with it. Other leaders will seek you out, and your brand will go with you where you choose to take it.
Nichols Library
200 W. Jefferson Ave.
Naperville IL 60564





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