I show Founders and CEOs of groundbreaking companies how to create and launch new products successfully so they can corner their market, increase their revenue, and sleep soundly all night long.

My success rate with clients is 100%.

  • Increase your leadership power
  • Get your teams to play nice
  • Have a no-fail plan that includes secret weapons most CEOs don’t know about

Limited space is available in my Founders Leadership Studio.

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Ben Wechsler
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The Founders Leadership Studio

I created The Founders Leadership Studio in order to devote my life to showing and teaching visionaries how to make their dreams successful.

When you become a member of  The Founders Leadership Studio, I provide unique, behind-the-scenes services uniquely designed for the success of your vision and strategy.  I use all of my life’s experience to understand your big picture, your resources, and your market. Then we together create success for you. We focus on you, your plan, and your success. It is all about you. Period.

Imagine a solo performer on stage at Carnegie Hall. You are the soloist, I am the accompanist. The performance requires my artistry and skills at the piano, however, you are the star. You get the applause, you get the spotlight. I am at your side throughout the planning, rehearsal, and the performance.

Contact me by phone at (630) 881-1074

You are a Visionary.
You, as the holder of your Master Plan, are a powerful leader.
You create. You make the invisible visible.
Passion is your motivation and drive.
You are focused on The Vision, and it gives you energy.
Having the right team focused is paramount.
Keeping that team in harmony with your Master Plan requires loyalty and dedication.
Integrity and accountability to the vision requires persistent diligence.
When it all comes together, you feel totally at peace.

Call me today to say YES to success. 

Ben Wechsler (630) 881-1074

What People Are Saying

Ben consulted in a marketing capacity with The Joffrey Ballet to help diversify our audiences using ads and e-mail that capture the target audiences idea of dance. Research was conducted to three target groups and Ben used these results along with his knowledge of marketing and web advertising to create a successful campaign to invite diverse audiences to The Joffrey Ballet.

Liz Burnham, Director of Marketing, Joffrey Ballet

Ben Wechsler provides professional care and vision wrapped in unique skills and a textured background. He has helped me to better understand how my own vision best connects with those I am seeking to reach and empower. He is a coach, a mentor and a very wise man who brings his rich life experience to the process of growing one’s organization. I have valued his adaptability and creative problem solving time and time again.

Dr. John H. Armstrong, President, Act3 Network
If you are your own worst enemy, if you need some momentum, or get your foot out of the muck, I would talk to Ben.

Nate Aye, Owner, Golden Age Strength, Inc.
My friends in landscape architecture are always getting stuck on things. I always seem to be the least stuck and I think it’s from all the things Ben has taught me over the years. My education is teaching me to just get things out there. Getting hung up on little details doesn’t create progress. It’s not what should I do, it’s what can I do. It’s always inspiring to read what Ben has to say and what he’s thinking. And even though I’m younger than him, over the past 10 years or so I feel like I’ve watched him grow into the person that he is today. A great person that I’m proud to call my uncle.

Billy Pausback, Landscape Architecture Student, Iowa State University
Ben Wechsler is a highly creative problem solver and visionary with a strong intuitive ability to get to the essence of any client issue. He also brings a unique combination of creative skills and technology savvy. He developed a beautiful and functional Web site for my business, and provided helpful support and timely troubleshooting advice on a number of technical questions relating to my Web site and blog. By offering thought-provoking questions, ideas and perspectives around goals and objectives, Ben allows you to get to a greater awareness of your own truth.

Noreen Kelly – Transitions Coach | Communication Consultant | Trust Strategist | Executive Coach
Ben and I continually bounce ideas off one another, and I have greatly benefited from his wonderful perspectives and intuitions.

Jack Vinson, Knowledge Management and Operational Excellence Professional
Ben is the consultant’s consultant. He is superb at translating my business’ needs into well-designed results. These include not only a redesigned website, but also the process and discussion behind it. Ben took our staff through a process of ideation and discovery. He was able to translate our wish list into specific recommendations for our website, content and navigation. I would recommend Ben with my highest regard for clients who need website design expertise, content management and creative problem solving.

Lynn Hazan, Executive Recruiter in Communications & Marketing, Career Consultant, Job Coach, Speaker
Ben is constantly using his skills and expertise for the service of others. Recently I was privileged to be a part of one of his creative problem solving meetings, and it was incredible the way he executed the brainstorming process with care and intentionality. As one of his co-workers, this was just another example of Ben using his abilities to improve the cohesion, creativity, and communication of any team he is a part of.

Isaac Groenendyk, Apple, Inc.

Companies I Have Worked With